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American Rhododendron Society: Plant Awards

Compiled by John M. Hammond and Gordon Wylie

Cultivar Name Hybridizer Award Year Awarded
Preliminary Award (PA) 1
'Alice Franklin' Lem PA 1960
'Alley Cat' Ostbo PA 1960
'Anna' Lem PA 1952
'Anna Rose Whitney' Whitney PA 1954
'Ann Carey' Anderson PA 1966
'Bacher's Gold' Bacher PA 1955
'Bern' Bacher PA 1955
'Captain Jack' R. Henny PA 1956
'Captain Kidd' R. Henny PA 1960
'Carol Jean' Klupenger PA 1957
'Cary Ann' Wright PA 1961
'Chief Paulina' James PA 1954
'C.I.S.' R. Henny PA 1952
'Confection' R. Henny PA 1956
'Coral' Ostbo PA 1956
'Darlene' Lem PA 1952
'Diane Titcomb' Larson PA 1958
'Doris Caroline' R. Henny PA 1960
'Edna McCarty' Ostbo PA 1959
'Edward Dunn' Ostbo PA 1958
'Elizabeth Titcomb' Larson PA 1958
'Endre Ostbo' Ostbo PA 1954
'Eulalie Wagner' Lem PA 1963
'Exotic' Bovee PA 1961
'Fair Lady' R. Henny PA 1959
'Fawn' James PA 1959
'Flatterer' R. Henny PA 1957
'Flora Markeeta' Beck PA 1967
'Full Moon' J. Henny PA 1955
'Geneva' Bacher PA 1955
'George Grace' R. Henny PA 1952
'Gladys Johnson' Johnson PA 1958
'Gold Mohur' Brandt PA 1955
'Golden Witt' Michaud PA 1967
'Great Lakes' Leach PA 1960
'Helen Johnson' Ostbo PA 1956
'Hotei' Sifferman PA 1954
'Idol' R. Henny PA 1957
'Inca Gold' Lancaster PA 1961
'James Barto' Barto PA 1953
'Jan-di-lyn' Wyrens PA 1961
'Julie Titcomb' Larson PA 1958
'Kimberly' Greer PA 1963
'King of Shrubs' Ostbo PA 1950
'Lackamas Blue' Lancaster PA 1963
'Lackamas Cream' Lancaster PA 1962
'Lackamas Gold' Lancaster PA 1962
'Lackamas Spice' Lancaster PA 1962
'Lake Labish' R. Henny PA 1955
'Last Chance' R. Henny PA 1957
'Leaburg' Phetteplace PA 1956
'Leeanne Hardgrove' Hardgrove PA 1962
'Lems Goal' Lem PA 1952
'Lisa' Gable PA 1962
'Little Gem' Whitney PA 1962
'Little Lou' Sumner PA 1963
'Little Pudding' R. Henny PA 1953
'Little Sheba' R. Henny PA 1954
'Lord Fauntleroy' Brante PA 1967
'March Sun' Wyrens PA 1963
'Marine' Bovee PA 1960
'Martha Isaacson' Ostbo PA 1956
'Mary Belle' Gable PA 1962
'Mary Mayo' Bovee PA 1960
'Merle Lee' Esch PA 1954
'Mildred Fawcett' Fawcett PA 1960
'Miss Olympia' Ostbo PA 1960
'Moontide' R. Henny PA 1955
'Mrs Horace Fogg' Larson PA 1963
'Nestucca' C. Smith PA 1950
'Odee Wright' Wright PA 1966
'Ostbo's Low Yellow' Ostbo PA 1966
'Phyllis Ballard' Ostbo PA 1956
'Pink Mermaid' Each PA 1954
'Pink Parfait' Senko PA 1961
'Ray' James PA 1956
'Red Cloud' R. Henny PA 1953
'Redwax' R. Henny PA 1958
'Renhaven' James PA 1955
'Riplet' Lem PA 1961
'Roseann' R. Henny PA 1956
'Rose Elf' Lancaster PA 1954
'Ruby F. Bowman' Bowman PA 1951
'Ruth Lyons' Lyons PA 1961
'Sausalito' Bovee pA 1967
'Sharon' James PA 1955
'Snow Lady' Lancaster PA 1955
'Starlet' Lem PA 1963
'Stoplight' R. Henny PA 1951
'Thelma' Lem PA 1958
'Thor' Brandt PA 1961
'Tidbit' R. Henny PA 1957
'Towhee' James PA 1965
'Tumalo' James PA 1955
'Unimak' Lem PA 1962
'Vampire' Wright PA 1951
'Virginia Richards' Whitney PA 1962
'Voodoo' R. Henny PA 1952
'Warpaint' C. Raffill PA 1956
'White Cap' Lem PA 1961
'White Lily' Ostbo PA 1952
'White Olympic Lady' Ostbo PA 1960
'Wink' R. Henny PA 1960
'Yellow Creek' James PA 1958
1 From 1st January, 1968 the 'Preliminary Award' was discontinued and replaced by the 'Conditional Award'.

Conditional Award (CA)

‘Amigo’ Goheen CA 1977
‘Ananouri’ Phipps CA 1973
‘Award’ James CA 1974
‘Crater Lake’ Phetteplace CA 1975
‘Guardian Fir’ Lem CA 1975
‘Harry Madison’ Nelson CA 1975
‘Helen Louise’ Saunders CA 1972
‘Jan Bee’ Berg CA 1982
‘King Bee’ Berg CA 1984
‘Lem’s Monarch’ Lem CA 1971
‘Lydia’ Greer CA 1972
'Mi Amor’ Sumner CA 1969
‘Moonwax’ Newcomb CA 1983
‘Newcomb’s Sweetheart’ Newcomb CA 1983
‘Noyo Chief’ Bowman CA 1971
‘Peppermint Stick’ Lancaster CA 1974
‘Pink Petticoats’ Lofthouse CA 1971
‘Shalom' Lem CA 1973
‘Tokatee’ Grothaus CA 1977
‘Vicki Reine’ R. Clark CA 1971
‘Wardian Cream’ Nelson CA 1971
‘Westhaven’ Smith CA 1978
‘Winterset’ Grothaus CA 1975
‘Yaku Angel’ E.V. Allen CA 1975
Award of Excellence (AE)      
‘Annie Dalton’ Gable AE 1960
‘Atroflo’ Gable AE 1959
‘Beechwood Pink’ Gable AE 1960
‘Blue River’ Lyons AE 1961
‘Cadis’ Gable AE 1959
‘Carolyn Grace’  (syn. ‘County of York) Gable AE 1960
‘Catalode’ Gable AE 1960
‘Cutie’ Larson AE 1962
‘Cyprus’ Leach AE 1983
‘David Gable’ Gable AE 1960
'Gi Gi’ Dexter AE 1973
‘Golden Bee’ Berg AE 1984
‘Hallelujah’ Greer AE 1982
'Horizon Monarch’ Brockenbrough AE 1992
'Julia Grothaus’ Grothaus AE 1988
‘Ken Janeck’ Janeck AE 1969
‘Lemon Mist’ Scott AE 1969
‘Lodestar’ Leach AE 1982
‘Luxor’ Leach AE 1987
‘Maricee’ Caperci AE 1959
‘Mary Fleming’ Nearing AE 1973
‘Mary Harmon’ Ostbo AE 1958
‘Meadowbrook’ Vossberg AE 1973
‘Mrs A.F. McEwan’ Ihrig AE 1956
‘Mrs. Donald Graham’ F.J. Rose AE 1958
‘Nastelle’ Elliot AE 1992
‘Opal Fawcett’ Ostbo AE 1958
‘Parker’s Pink’ Dexter AE 1973
‘Queen Bee’  (syn. ‘Berg’s Queen Bee’) Berg AE 1991
‘Rae’s Delight’ Mrs. Berry AE 1956
‘Swansdown’ Leach AE 1983
‘Too Bee’ Berg AE 1989
‘Tyee’ James AE 1960
'Wee Bee’ Berg AE 1989
‘Wheatley’ Phipps AE 1973
‘Windbeam’ Nearing AE 1973
‘Wizard’ Lem AE 1959
Superior Plant Award (SPA)      

‘Ginny Gee’

Berg SPA 1985
‘Lem’s Cameo’ Lem SPA 1971
'Party Pink’ Leach SPA 1983
'Patty Bee’ Berg SPA 1985
‘Scintillation’ Dexter SPA 1991
‘Taurus’ Mossman SPA 1990
‘Trude Webster’ Greer SPA 1971

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